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Visalix Sensitif
Skin-soothing toner for particularly sensitive skin. Cares for the skin and supplies it…
Dermosthétique Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Capsules
from $26.00
Serum capsules with hydrating hyaluronic acid
Clair de Teint Sensitif
Gentle cleansing milk for particularly sensitive skin: gently removes make-up and provides velvety soft care.
Dermosthétique Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Concentrate
Hydro concentrate with hyaluronic acid.
Spa Relaxing Body Lotion
from $10.50
Relaxing body lotion
Spa Rich Firming Body Butter
Rich contour-forming body butter
Spa Skin Perfecting Lifting Cream
Wrinkle-reducing care for the neck and décolleté.
Dermosthétique AGE³ Redefining Lip Balm
Moisturizing lip balm with AGE³ complex for smoother, more voluminous lips.
La Capsule
Revitalising lipid serum to replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier.
Menulphia Jeunesse Hydratante
Moisture balance care for day and night: protects and revitalizes dehydrated skin,…
Douceur Sensitive
Relaxing face care for slightly dry, sensitive skin: revitalises, and supplies skin with valuable moisture.
Spa Relaxing Body Wash
from $10.50
Relaxing cleansing for the body
Dermosthétique Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Toner
Moisturizing toner with hyaluronic acid.
Spa Intensive Hand Care
from $10.50
Intensive care for dry skin on the hands.
Spa Aluminium free Roll-on Deodorant
Refreshing deodorant for long-lasting freshness: the sensuously scented roll-on guarantees highly reliable and pleasant protection
Dermosthétique Hydrating Cleansing Foam
Mild cleansing for every skin type
Dermosthétique AGE³ Age Complex Reversing Day Cream
Day cream with AGE³ complex to visibly reduce the appearance of skin aging.
Daily Care
from $39.00
Care Lipstick
Spa Nourishing Foot Cream
Intensive care cream for dry feet – perfect body care!
Spa Long Lasting Roll-on Antiperspirant
Gentle on the skin, intensely effective deodorant.
Douceur Sensitive Hydratante
Relaxing moisture care for dehydrated, sensitive skin: fortifies, adds valuable moisture, revitalises tightness of dry skin areas and redness.
Masque Hydro Sensitif
Revitalising moisture mask for all skin types
Spa Refreshing Hand Wash
For mild cleansing of the hands.
Dermosthétique AGE³ Lifting Eye Cream
Moisturizing eye care cream with AGE³ complex to improve the appearance of firm skin.
Dermosthétique AGE³ Age Reversing Night Cream
Night cream with AGE³ complex to visibly reverse appearance of skin aging.
Protective Lipid Capsules
A lipid serum for dry, sensitive skin in need of protection against blue light and premature aging.
Spa Wellness Soap
A gentle wellness soap for cleansing the face and body.
Lotion Desincrustante
Lotion for deep cleansing oily skin and blocked pores: results in particularly thorough skin cleansing with a clarifying effect
Dermosthétique Ocean Plant Refining Hydro Serum
Skin-refining hydro serum with specialized marine ingredients.
Belesthétique The Eye Cream
Lifting care for the skin’s timeless beauty around the eyes and lips.
Clair de Teint Jeunesse
Clair de Teint Jeunesse generously yet gently cleanses the skin of dirt and make-up. The…
Clair de Teint Clarifiant
Cleansing gel for oily and blemished skin: provides particularly thorough skin cleansing,…
Pureté Clarifiante
Balancing care for day and night: clarifies and soothes blemished skin, supplies valuable..
Douceur Sensitive Riche
Relaxing intensive face care for extremely dry, sensitive skin: revitalises, moisturises and soothes tightness and redness.
Likopan Gel
Gel for blemished skin: Rapidly fortifies inflamed areas of skin
Dermosthétique Agave Inulin Lifting Concentrate
Agave inulin hydro concentrate to improve the appearance of firmer looking skin.
Belesthétique The Cream
Rejuvenating lifting cream for the timeless beauty of your skin.
Eau de Toilette Homme
Eau de Toilette Homme for a sensuous men’s scent.
Visalix Jeunesse
Visalix Jeunesse refreshes the skin, supplies it with an extra portion of moisture and is…
Peeling Enzymatique
Skin-revitalizing for sensitive skin. For a fresh, radiant appearance and velvety soft skin
Visalix Clarifiant
Skin-clarifying facial lotion for fortify blemished skin, with an astringent effect to supply…
Homme Hair Beard Body Wash
For skin, hair and beard. An exciting energizing shower gel that gently cleanses and…
Homme After Shave Face & Beard Care
3 in 1 – aftershave, revitalizing face care and beard care in one.
Dermosthétique Peel³ Complex Deep Purifying Mask
Peel³ Complex tiefenreinigende Maske
Masque Clarifiant
Skin-clarifying face mask: For skin-soothing cleansing and a visibly deep cleansed, healthy and radiant complexion.
Elixir Vitalité
For effective invigoration of beautiful skin: revitalizing oil concentrate – also…
Dermosthétique AGE³ Instant Lifting Eye Patch
Hydrogel eye pads with AGE³ complex to visibly aid the appearance of a revitalized, lifted eye area.
Menulphia Jeunesse Contour
For a beautiful, youthful complexion, this eye area care reduces the appearance of…