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Crème Vitalité
118.00 kr
For youthfully radiant skin, at any age. The revitalizing cream accelerates the…
Botanique Balancing Cream
70.00 kr
Moisturising face care with 24-hour effect – 100 percent natural.
Perles Hydro-Vitalité
135.00 kr
Conditioning gel from natural plant extracts: instantly and lastingly moisturises whilst offering protection against damaging external influences.
Pureté Clarifiante
69.00 kr
Balancing care for day and night: clarifies and soothes blemished skin, supplies valuable..
Sérum Hydratant
156.00 kr
Moisturizing serum for dehydrated skin
Traitement Régénérant
152.00 kr
Fortifying night cream to improve the appearance chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
Douceur Sensitive Hydratante
69.00 kr
Relaxing moisture care for dehydrated, sensitive skin: fortifies, adds valuable moisture, revitalises tightness of dry skin areas and redness.
Concentré Hyaluronique
135.00 kr
Highly hydrating hyaluronic acid concentrate to rejuvenate dehydrated skin
La Capsule Hydratante
135.00 kr
Hydro lipogel – concentrate. A hydro power for visibly smooth skin
Menulphia Jeunesse
110.00 kr
Revitalizing face cream for day and night: promotes a fresh balance, results in a visibly…
Traitement Teint Soleil
120.00 kr
Innovative tinted moisturising emulsion for a flawless complexion.
Traitement Protecteur
152.00 kr
Intensive day cream to prevent the appearance of chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
Traitement Lèvres
42.00 kr
Moisturizing lip cream for youthful lips and seductive beauty.
Traitement Contour
115.00 kr
Intensive eye care with beautiful smoothening effect
Traitement Hydratant
120.00 kr
Traitement Hydratant supplies skin with a healthy moisture boost.
Patch Gel Liftant
118.00 kr
Highly moisturizing eye pads for all skin types
La Capsule
135.00 kr
Revitalising lipid serum to replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier.
Le Savon
9.50 kr
Gentle cleansing for all skin types: with the sensuously scented, skin-conditioning wellness soap for face and body
Tonique Hydratant
56.00 kr
Highly moisturizing, protective toner
Menulphia Jeunesse Hydratante
110.00 kr
Moisture balance care for day and night: protects and revitalizes dehydrated skin,…
Douceur Sensitive
69.00 kr
Relaxing face care for slightly dry, sensitive skin: revitalises, and supplies skin with valuable moisture.
Mousse Nettoyante
56.00 kr
Moisturizing mousse for gentle facial cleansing
Menulphia Jeunesse Contour
90.00 kr
For a beautiful, youthful complexion, this eye area care reduces the appearance of…
Homme After Shave Face & Beard Care
36.00 kr
3 in 1 – aftershave, revitalizing face care and beard care in one. For the perfect…
Elixir Vitalité
125.00 kr
For effective invigoration of beautiful skin: revitalizing oil concentrate – also…
Douceur Sensitive Riche
69.00 kr
Relaxing intensive face care for extremely dry, sensitive skin: revitalises, moisturises and soothes tightness and redness.
Thérapie Anti-Rides
170.00 kr
Revitalizing treatment for youthful skin with a reduced appearance of wrinkles
Cold Cream
48.00 kr
SOS emergency care for extremely sensitive skin: fortifying extracts provide care for dry and irritated skin. The ideal product for ski trips, or visits to the sea or mountains.
Belesthétique The Cream
395.00 kr
Rejuvenating lifting cream for the timeless beauty of your skin.
Menulphia Jeunesse Riche
110.00 kr
A revitalizing cream for day and night: invigorates dry skin providing it with…
Likopan Gel
36.00 kr
Gel for blemished skin: Rapidly fortifies inflamed areas of skin
Sérum Revitalisant
156.00 kr
Pore-refining concentrate that smoothes the skin and reduces
Crème de Luxe Jour
Luxurious and skin-rejuvenating anti-aging day care with a maximum effect for dry, demanding skin of those aged 40 and up