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Dermosthétique AGE³ Redefining Lip Balm

Moisturizing lip balm with AGE³ complex for smoother, more voluminous lips.
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15 ml
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Whether you’re talking, smiling or kissing, your lips are always the centre of attention. They are constantly moving and subjected to additional stress by the wind, weather and dry air. The thin skin on your lips, which contains plenty of nerve fibres but has practically no sebaceous glands, is dependent on protective care from the outside. What’s more, the collagen fibres break down and saccharify over time, thus resulting in creases. The balm formulation of AGE³ Complex Redefining Lip Balm fortifies the lips and firms the lip contour. Valuable lipids keep the sensitive skin soft and supple. Encapsulated hyaluronic acid and a plankton extract bind moisture, increasing the appearance of lip volume – for a youthful, firm contour and kissable lips.