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Crème Vitalité
118.00 kr
For youthfully radiant skin, at any age. The revitalizing cream accelerates the…
Traitement Régénérant
152.00 kr
Fortifying night cream to improve the appearance chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
Spa Rich Firming Body Cream
64.00 kr
A rich body cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite
Spa Lifting Care Décolleté and Hands
45.00 kr
A smoothing, rich care cream for beautiful looking, even skin on the neck, décolleté and hands.
Traitement Protecteur
152.00 kr
Intensive day cream to prevent the appearance of chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
Traitement Lèvres
42.00 kr
Moisturizing lip cream for youthful lips and seductive beauty.
Traitement Contour
115.00 kr
Intensive eye care with beautiful smoothening effect
Patch Gel Liftant
118.00 kr
Highly moisturizing eye pads for all skin types
Belesthétique The Eye Cream
195.00 kr
Lifting care for the skin’s timeless beauty around the eyes and lips.
Elixir Vitalité
125.00 kr
For effective invigoration of beautiful skin: revitalizing oil concentrate – also…
Thérapie Anti-Rides
170.00 kr
Revitalizing treatment for youthful skin with a reduced appearance of wrinkles
Belesthétique The Cream
395.00 kr
Rejuvenating lifting cream for the timeless beauty of your skin.
Crème de Luxe Jour
Luxurious and skin-rejuvenating anti-aging day care with a maximum effect for dry, demanding skin of those aged 40 and up