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135.00 CHF
Hydro lipogel – concentrate. A hydro power for visibly smooth skin
195.00 CHF
Lifting care for the skin’s timeless beauty around the eyes and lips.
110.00 CHF
Revitalizing face cream for day and night: promotes a fresh balance, results in a visibly…
152.00 CHF
Intensive day cream to prevent the appearance of chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
52.00 CHF
Visalix Jeunesse refreshes the skin, supplies it with an extra portion of moisture and is…
135.00 CHF
Highly hydrating hyaluronic acid concentrate to rejuvenate dehydrated skin
115.00 CHF
Intensive eye care with beautiful smoothening effect
60.00 CHF
Skin-revitalizing for sensitive skin. For a fresh, radiant appearance and velvety soft skin
120.00 CHF
Traitement Hydratant supplies skin with a healthy moisture boost.
170.00 CHF
Revitalizing treatment for youthful skin with a reduced appearance of wrinkles
135.00 CHF
Revitalising lipid serum to replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier.
52.00 CHF
Clair de Teint Jeunesse generously yet gently cleanses the skin of dirt and make-up. The…
118.00 CHF
For youthfully radiant skin, at any age. The revitalizing cream accelerates the…
156.00 CHF
Pore-refining concentrate that smoothes the skin and reduces
156.00 CHF
Moisturizing serum for dehydrated skin
152.00 CHF
Fortifying night cream to improve the appearance chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
125.00 CHF
For effective invigoration of beautiful skin: revitalizing oil concentrate – also…
48.00 CHF
SOS emergency care for extremely sensitive skin: fortifying extracts provide care for dry and irritated skin. The ideal product for ski trips, or visits to the sea or mountains.
118.00 CHF
Highly moisturizing eye pads for all skin types
225.00 CHF
Lifting care for the skin’s timeless beauty around the eyes and lips.
110.00 CHF
Moisture balance care for day and night: protects and revitalizes dehydrated skin,…
90.00 CHF
For a beautiful, youthful complexion, this eye area care reduces the appearance of…
110.00 CHF
A revitalizing cream for day and night: invigorates dry skin providing it with…
395.00 CHF
Rejuvenating lifting cream for the timeless beauty of your skin.
Luxurious and skin-rejuvenating anti-aging day care with a maximum effect for dry, demanding skin of those aged 40 and up