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Relaxing body lotion
For skin, hair and beard. An exciting energizing shower gel that gently cleanses and…
from $10.50
Relaxing cleansing for the body
from $10.50
Intensive care for dry skin on the hands.
Gentle on the skin, intensely effective deodorant.
Wrinkle-reducing care for the neck and décolleté.
A gentle wellness soap for cleansing the face and body.
Rich contour-forming body butter
Rapidly absorbed care cream for hands and nails: with a skin-similar protective film for the noticeable improvement of the skin condition of extremely stressed hands.
Intensive care cream for dry feet – perfect body care!
Refreshing deodorant for long-lasting freshness: the sensuously scented roll-on guarantees highly reliable and pleasant protection
For mild cleansing of the hands.