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10.50 CHF
Gentle cleansing for all skin types: with the sensuously scented, skin-conditioning wellness soap for face and body
48.00 CHF
A smoothing, rich care cream for beautiful looking, even skin on the neck, décolleté and hands.
42.00 CHF
Pampering wellness body milk for silky soft skin
32.00 CHF
Rapidly absorbed care cream for hands and nails: with a skin-similar protective film for the noticeable improvement of the skin condition of extremely stressed hands.
34.00 CHF
Refreshing deodorant for long-lasting freshness: the sensuously scented roll-on guarantees highly reliable and pleasant protection
22.00 CHF
A mild cleansing gel for the hands
32.00 CHF
Rich wellness care for the feet: Used regularly, La crème pour les pieds magically gives you silky soft skin and reduces the formation of calluses.
30.00 CHF
Keeps hands soft and smooth: the rich wellness hand care cream with selected moisturising ingredients for that extra portion of care.
40.00 CHF
A mild shower gel for the face, body and hair
40.00 CHF
Refreshing wellness bathing experience for skin and hair
40.00 CHF
Gentle wellness body oil for intensive care
34.00 CHF
Gentle on the skin, intensely effective deodorant.
68.00 CHF
A sea salt scrub for the body.
68.00 CHF
A rich body cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite
38.00 CHF
For skin, hair and beard. An exciting energizing shower gel that gently cleanses and…