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Intense Shampoo
39.00 €
100 percent natural shampoo for strength and softness.
Shampooing Hydrotoxa
38.00 €
Intensive shampoo for straggly hair
Long Hair Refreshing Dry Shampoo
46.00 €
Refreshing dry shampoo
Beauté Shampooing
from 30.00 €
Preciously scented shampoo for daily hair–washing
Shampooing Apaisant
44.00 €
Soothing shampoo, helps to remove loose dandruff flakes from the hair.
Shampoo Dry Hair
from 19.00 €
Gentle, moisturising and oil-replenishing shampoo for dry, stressed and brittle hair.
Shampooing Lipokérine B
38.00 €
Scalp lotion for dry scalps
Shampooing Lipokérine A
38.00 €
Fortifying shampoo to combat oily scalps.
Shampoo Volume Protection
from 19.00 €
Color protection shampoo for fine hair with a revolutionary color protection complex.
Shampooing Lipokérine E
38.00 €
Structurizing shampoo for sensitive scalps
Glam Color No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal
38.00 €
Sulphate-free shampoo for cool naturally blond, colored and bleached hair with a color…
Long Hair Protective Softening Shampoo
40.00 €
Softening shampoo
Shampooing Actif
44.00 €
Innovating shampoo for the scalp and fine hair.
Homme Hair Beard Body Wash
36.00 €
For skin, hair and beard. An exciting energizing shower gel that gently cleanses and…
Long Hair Protective Volumising Shampoo
40.00 €
Volumizing shampoo
Shampoo Vital Protection Couleur
from 18.00 €
Colour protection shampoo for stressed hair with revolutionary colour protection complex.
Gentle Volumising Shampoo
39.00 €
Strengthening conditioning shampoo for normal hair – 100 percent natural.
Balancing Shampoo
39.00 €
Perfume-free, 100% natural moisturising shampoo for dry hair and scalps that are prone to sensitivity.
Frizz Control Smoothing Shampoo
38.00 €
For stubborn, unruly hair
Curl Activating Shampoo
38.00 €
Bounce-activating shampoo
Volume Strengthening Shampoo
40.00 €
Strengthening, volumising shampoo
Glam Color Shampoo Steel Gray .11
38.00 €
A shampoo to enhance grey hair