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Colour Protection Shine Restoring Shampoo
from $22.00
Farbbrillanz auffrischendes Shampoo
Colour Protection Shine Restoring Conditioner
from $22.00
Express hair care for refreshing colour shine
Long Hair Protective Volumising Shampoo
Protective volumizing shampoo for long hair.
Dermosthétique Shampooing Actif
Innovating shampoo for the scalp and fine hair.
Long Hair Protective Conditioning Fluid
Protective conditioning hair fluid for long hair.
Shampoo Dry Hair
Gentle, moisturising and oil-replenishing shampoo for dry, stressed and brittle hair.
Glam Color No Yellow Conditioner .07 Crystal
Express care and color refresher for cool, blonde and bleached hair with color.
Colour Protection Structure Restoring Mask
Restructuring deep-conditioning hair care
Conditioner Dry Hair
Intensive hair care conditioner to combat very dry hair.
Shampooing Lipokérine E
Structurizing shampoo for sensitive scalps.
Dry Hair Conditioning Spray
Two-phase express conditioning spray with highly effective proteins for dry, structurally damaged hair.
Dermosthétique Shampooing Apaisant
Soothing shampoo, helps to remove loose dandruff flakes from the hair.
Dermosthétique Elixir Anti-Chute Premium
Scalp Elixir for regular scalp care.
Frizz Control Smoothing Styling Fluid
Smoothing styling fluid for stubborn, unruly hair.
Lotion Apaisante
Therapy for sensitive scalps. Removes loose dandruff flakes from the hair and lastingly soothes and fortifies scalp.
Long Hair Protective Repair Mask
Fortifying hair mask with long hair protection.
Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium
Fortifying conditionning treatment to thicken hair shaft and improve the appearance of thinning hair.
Homme Fiber Paste
For a silky matte finish: styling fibres for flexible, elastic hold.
Intense Shampoo
100 percent natural shampoo for strength and softness.
Botanique Gentle Conditioner
Nourishing leave-in care for all hair types: 100 percent natural.
Essentiel Classic Shampoo
Gentle cleansing for daily hair-washing.
Lotion Ergines E
Scalp lotion for irritated scalps.
Long Hair Weightless Conditioning Oil
Weightless conditioning hair oil for long hair.
Essentiel Classic Conditioner
Express hair care for all hair types.
Glam Color No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal
Sulphate-free shampoo for cool naturally blond, colored and bleached hair with a color.
Homme Styling Gel
For the perfect style: moisturizing styling gel for medium to strong hold.
Frizz Control Smoothing Conditioner
Smoothing conditioner for stubborn, unruly hair.
Curl Defining Styling Fluid
Defined styling fluid for curly and wavy hair.
Glam Color Shampoo Steel Gray .11
A shampoo to enhance grey hair.
Botanique Intense Mask
Rich, deep-conditioning treatment for shine and softness – 100 percent natural.
Glam Color Hair Mask .40 Copper
Conditioning color refreshing for vibrant reflexes in copper red hair and hair that is…
Long Hair Detangler
Detangling hair care serum for long hair.
Lotion Hydrotoxa
Fortifying scalp lotion for moist scalps
Colour Protection Structure Restoring Treatment
A restructuring deep-conditioning treatment
Curl Activating Shampoo
Bounce-activating shampoo for curly and wavy hair.
Shampooing Lipokérine A
Fortifying shampoo to combat oily scalps.
Brush Ceramic & Ion 35mm
Ideal for giving medium-length hair lots of volume: handy round brush made of hair- and scalp-friendly ceramic
Long Hair Protective Softening Shampoo
Portective softening shampoo for long hair.
Gentle Volumising Shampoo
Strengthening conditioning shampoo for normal hair – 100 percent natural.
Volume Strengthening Shampoo
Strengthening, volumising shampoo
Curl Activating Repair Mask
Bounce-boosting, restructuring hair mask for curly and wavy hair.
Botanique Balancing Shampoo
Perfume-free, 100% natural moisturising shampoo for dry hair and scalps that are prone to sensitivity.
Structure Repair Nourishing Conditioner
Nourishing express hair care
Shampooing Hydrotoxa
Intensive shampoo for straggly hair
Frizz Control Smoothing Shampoo
Smoothing shampoo for stubborn, unruly hair.
Curl Activating Conditioning Spray
Bounce-activating hair conditioning spray for curly and wavy hair.
Botanique Intense Styling Cream
100% natural, rich styling cream for light to medium hold.