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Shampooing Lipokérine A

Fortifying shampoo to combat oily scalps.
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250 ml
38.00 €
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In today’s cultivated society, oily hair is a total no-go, which is rather unfortunate for those with overactive sebaceous gland. Hair roots rapidly become oily. Frequent washing with oil-stripping shampoos make hair lengths and ends look contrastingly dry and brittle. Though, this vicious circle can be broken with the choice of the right shampoo for you. Shampoo Lipokérine A works completely differently from conventional shampoos. At first, it cleanses the scalp and hair thanks to natural horse chestnut and liquorice root extracts which offer gentle cleansing. Fine plant lipo amino acids revitalizes hair when used consistently. The scalp and hair are finally given shine and airiness. Your style remains fresh for much longer.