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The youthful future of skin

With a holistic anti-aging concept based around the groundbreaking AGE3 Age Reversal Technology, Dermosthétique from La Biosthétique has been clinically proven to have an influence on past, present and future skin aging factors.

As much as one might wish that time would stand still when it comes to aging, cosmetically it's good that it doesn't. The best proof is the trend-setting new launch of the skin care line Dermosthétique. Dr. Christian Ader, head of research and product development at La Biosthétique, sums up the motivation for the renewal of the successful anti-aging concept:

Since Dermosthétique was launched in 2010, our cosmetological research has not stood still, but has developed new active ingredients with fascinating modes of action that lead to remarkable skin improvements.

With the major overhaul of Dermosthétique, Dr. Ader and his team have succeeded in integrating these pioneering findings into particularly skin-friendly and effective formulas. In the holistic Dermosthétique care concept, which counteracts the aging process of the skin, the latest biological science and highly efficient plant ingredients are combined. The high-tech formulas reverse skin aging factors from the past, activate skin cells in the present and protect them for the future.

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At the heart of every formula is AGE3 Age Reversal Technology. Plant-based ingredients such as red root sage reverse glycation - the sticking and solidification of collagen fibers - and restore the skin's youthful elasticity. A phyto-peptide from tiger grass stem cells reactivates the skin cells and actively reduces wrinkles. Active ingredients from rice, rosemary and brown algae protect the DNA of the skin cells from external oxidative damage. In addition, hyaluronic acid ensures a fresh, youthful appearance. Clinical efficacy studies prove the remarkable activity of the ingredients on the skin's regeneration processes.


The Dermosthétique care ritual begins with cleansing foam and toner, which optimize the effect of the care products that are subsequently applied. Innovative lifting patches for the eyes and face, an eye cream with a lifting effect and a lip balm work on all areas of the face, while special active ingredient concentrates accompany the Dermosthétique concept as targeted problem solvers. Their extraordinarily high level of tolerance makes Dermosthétique products also suitable for very sensitive skin.

Beautiful even skin

Vitamin C acts like a miracle cure for the skin and it is hard to imagine a daily skin care routine without it. On the one hand it provides as a serum for a radiant skin on the other hand vitamin C protects the skin from harmful environmental influences and neutralizes already caused damage. 

Since the skin becomes more sensitive through the use of vitamin C, a sunscreen must be applied!

Gently smoothed

Branched inulin, formed by the blue agave in the intense sun of its Mexican homeland, is a natural alternative to silicone. It lays on the skin as a velvety mesh, creating an instant wrinkle-filling lifting effect, a delicately nourished skin feel and a matte complexion.

Maximum hydration

Hyaluronic acid occurs as a natural component of the connective tissue in our skin and ensures that the moisture stores are filled and the skin is thus plump and elastic. But over time, these moisture stores empty and hyaluronic acid must be supplied externally as a highly concentrated skin care booster. Our serum enhances the effectiveness of subsequent care and immediately makes the skin look fresher. In addition, hyaluron is perfect for intensively hydrating and plumping up dry skin. Basically, all our Dermosthétique products with hyaluron are compatible and above all recommendable for all skin types and age groups.