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Glow Base

Shimmering make-up base in mother-of-pearl rosé with additional protection against environmental influences.
Filling Quantity
30 ml
60.00 €
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The shimmering make-up base gives you a radiant complexion.This make-up base features an enchantingly soft gel texture that sits on the skin like an ultra-fine veil. Glow Base offers a perfect base for your subsequent make-up to ensure an easier and longer lasting make-up application. The subtly shimmering mother-of-pearl rosé cleverly and magically nourishes the skin so that your complexion is even, fresh and seductively flawless looking – as soft and smooth as a fresh rose. Thanks to the natural extracts of banana blossom, gotu kola and panthenol, the skin is wonderfully conditioned and nourished with moisture. Glow Base perfects the look of skin and gives you a youthful complexion. The make-up base is enriched with Vitamin A and E which help protect skin against the abuse of the elements.