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Traitement Teint Soleil

Innovative tinted moisturising emulsion for a flawless complexion.
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50 ml
120.00 €
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Visibly flawless skin – without any effort! What previously seemed completely impossible becomes a wonderful reality with the new Traitement Teint. A true multitalent, the tinted hydro care combines outstanding functions. The innovative emulsion supplies the skin with youthful moisture, effectively fortifies  and conceals minor flaws with a delicate tint and maximum transparency. The complexion is given naturally beautiful, healthy and cared for radiance. The skin is revitalized and unevenness is concealed. The light cream subtly develops its effect on the skin because it perfectly matches your natural skin tone. Its many effects make Traitement Teint the ultimate all-round talent for your daily beauty routine! Note - Traitement Teint Clair is suitable for fair to medium skin, Traitement Teint Soleil for dark skin.