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Styling Balm Anti Frizz

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Anti Frizz Balm reliably tames stubborn hair. Enjoy a shiny style, with a 48-hour guarantee!


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Delivery Time 2-5 business days

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Weightless finish!

If stubborn hair is simply untameable, it can really drive you to despair. But don’t panic. Anti Frizz Styling Balm surrounds and stabilizes the hair with natural chitosan, giving it in an instant, natural hold. Selected panthenol provides an extra portion of moisture. Flyaway hair is effortlessly smoothened. The new kind of aqua style complex, specially developed by La Biosthétique, helps tame stubborn hair without weighing it down, making it stiff or even lifeless. The aqua style complex consists of specific molecules with several hydroxy groups. The hair maintains its desired style and shines with shimmering liveliness – for 48 hours. We guarantee it!

Anti Frizz Balm reliably tames stubborn hair. Enjoy a shiny style, with a 48-hour guarantee!

  • Panthenol: moisturizes and ensures combability
  • Chitosan: supports the hair
  • Hydrosoluble silicone smoothes unruly hair and provides moisture
  • Aqua Style complex: tames hair without weighing it down

After every wash, distribute Anti Frizz Styling Balm with Anti Frizz Shampoo and Anti Frizz Conditioner into towel-dried hair, particularly into the sensitive lengths and tips. Leave in and style. Tip: - For very difficult to tame hair - For healthy ends - As a refreshing pick-me-up between washes

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This .... was pretty impressive
Review by Maeve
I have super frizzy hair - like lion meets electrical socket -type of hair. What I like about it is that it doesn't dry hard and the 'calming effect' is natural. It doesn't make my hair sleek and smooth, but it does stop the crazy furries at the sides of my temples!

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