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Spa Shower Gel

A mild shower gel for the face, body and hair.
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Spa Actif Shower Gel treats you to an invigorating cleansing experience from head to toe, day after day. Natural ingredients from milk and the sea enrich the skin with  hydration and gentleness. You can even clean your face and hair with Spa Actif Shower Gel. A natural effect complex maintains healthy looking hair and skin,  every day, regardless of how often you take a shower. The gel leaves your skin and hair clean and fresh, perfectly moisturized and with a delicate scent. Scent essences of raspberry, basil and lime awaken your senses while showering. The floral lightness of water lily, violet and orchid caresses your skin and hair while the invigoratingly earthy combination of moss and cedar provides lasting freshness even hours later.