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Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Spray

Spray with hair protection complex. Fortifies the hair structure
Filling Quantity
50 ml
34.00 €
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Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Spray is combined with Mask Intense/Mask Vital/Mask Volume from the Protection Cheveux home care sets for an innovative key ingredient concept that enables intensive and more lasting care results despite bleaching, color, perms and physical stress. An easy way to beautiful, healthy hair – for increased customer confidence. Natural inspiration for naturally beautiful hair. Complexe 3 Spray with hair protection complex fortifies the hair structure. The natural amino acid cysteine, mineral salts and keratin are incredibly effective at fortifying and strengthening the hair structure. Measurably increases stability and resilience. Choose the right mask to accompany home treatment - ranging from Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Intense/ Vital / Volume.