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Mousse Nettoyante

Moisturizing mousse for gentle facial cleansing
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150 ml
56.00 €
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Healthy, radiant skin takes work. And you have to take it seriously. As we become older, the skin becomes tight and the first fine lines become visible. The hydro cleansing foam is the first step to beautiful skin. Pure plant-based surfactants made of rice protein form an airy foam, smoothly glide over the skin and thoroughly removes dirt and sebum. A treat for very dry, scaly and sensitive skin. Mousse Nettoyante is as gentle as milk and as effective as a soap. The wonderful cleansing foam supplies balancing moisture and wonderful freshness.

Hydro ingredients composed of malic acid, apple pectin and Cell Boost Factor moisturizes, conditions and revitalizes the skin. The clever Cell Boost Factor helps to protect the skin from damaging environmental elements.