Me Vibrant

The delicate side of the ego is practically translucent, light and lively. Like a spontaneous thought, a hint of blue spreads right across the eye lids and gives the eyes a dreamy look. The transparent vibrance of the complexion radiates optimism, which is accentuated by the slight tan on the cheeks and the warm shade of orange on the lips.


The complexion is made to look delicate, transparent and radiant. Work in Glow Base with the make-up sponge. Gently balance out the area below the eyes and minor irregularities with a mixture of Cover & Light and Teint Correcteur. Warm the sides of the face with the matching shade of Earth Glow Gel. Lightly apply the same shade to the middle of the cheeks for a slightly tanned complexion. Fix the base with Silky Mineral Powder or Translucent Compact Powder.


Pick up sufficient amount of Eyeshadow Pen Sapphire with Round brush #13 and generously distribute over the entire eye lid crease. Using horizontal motions back and forth, this creates a “color wash” effect. The color looks transparent and light.


Slightly darker eyebrows perfectly frame the eyes. With the matching shade of Tinted Eyebrow Gel, color in the brow hairs and brush into desired shape. If you need more thickness, simply use a fine brush to pick up some Tinted Eyebrow Gel and draw fine hairs between the eyebrows. This creates the illusion of a balanced brow.


For a fresh, slightly tanned look, warm the inner cheeks with Sunsation Honey or Terra.


Pick up Sensual Lipstick G 331 Bitter Orange with Lip brush #12 and apply to the entire lips with the desired intensity. If necessary, the lips can be outlined with Automatic Pencil for Lips LL35 Poppy Orange.


The Brilliant Nail Blush forms a particularly sophisticated contrast to this make-up. Apply the paint twice and allow it to dry well.

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