Me Strong

The ego in full force. Inner strength embellishes the lid in a metallic shimmer, iridescent between the golden reflexes of a sparkling lust for life and the mysterious aura of a smoky graphite. Reddish pink on the nails creates a cheerful contrast to the powerful intensity and also accentuates it.


Pair these dramatic eyes with a somewhat more subdued yet, radiant complexion. Apply Glow Base to prepared skin and work into the entire face using a make–up sponge. Apply Teint Naturel in a matching shade with the fingers. On top of this, blend with Glow Base. Use Cover&Light to delicately lighten the area below the eyes and correct any irregularities with Teint Correcteur. Fix the foundation with a hint of Silky Mineral Powder 40 Peach or a shade that matches your foundation.


Apply Automatic Pencil for Eyes K10 Anthracite to the waterline of the eye and outline the whole eye in and along the lash line. Softly blend this contour. Using the same pencil, apply a few short lines to the top lid - starting where the lashes are emphasized and evenly distribute these on the lid. Pick up some color from Magic Shadow 49 Graphite and dab on to the top lid. Use Round brush #13 to evenly apply the product to the entire eyelid and to above the lid crease. Use the tip of the brush to pick up some more product and use this to shade the entire bottom eyelid. Apply Silky Eyes Copper Rose to a spatula, pick up with another round brush and apply to the inner corner of the eye. From there, gently feather on to the top and bottom eyelids so that the colors flow together. Apply lashings of Perfect Volume Black mascara and finish with Lash brush #11.


This look goes well with light and bright eyebrows. Use the brush to apply Tinted Eyebrow Gel to the eyebrows. At first, use the brush against and then in the direction of hair growth. If necessary, fill any eyebrow gaps with a fine brush and the same texture.


Pick up Tender Blush Soft Orange with Blusher brush #2 and apply blush using a C shape. Feather along the cheekbones and up to the temples to the side of the forehead. For cooler skin tones, we recommend Tender Blush Passion Rose. With the help of Fan brush #4, subtly apply Highlighter Trio Gold to the top contour of Tender Blush, the middle of the forehead, the back of the nose and to the tip of the chin.


Use a lip brush of your choice to generously apply Sensual Lipstick B239 Sunrise to the lips. If desired, you can outline the lips with Automatic Pencil for Lips LL32 Rosewood.


The sophisticated and cheerful shade of Brilliant Nail Candy provides a particularly beautiful contrast to this mysterious make–up look.

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