Me Fresh

Coloring your lust for life. An ego full of energy and in luscious, lemon yellow enlarges your eyes. Spreading across your lids, it gradually turns into a warm, rosy copper. This is a look for the sunny side of our ego. Illuminated weightlessness, from the radiant complexion to the reddish pink fingertips.


This make-up look needs a fresh, soft complexion. Apply the matching shade of Teint Frais with Foundation brush #3 to properly prepare the skin. Take some Sun Care Foundation with a spatula and apply with the same foundation brush to the warm sides of the face and cheekbones. Use Teint Correcteur to slightly lighten the eye area and to conceal any irregularities. Fix the base with Translucent Compact Powder.


Apply Eyeshadow Pen Lime to the inside corner of the eye and arch upwards to the middle of the eyelid. Work in with the fingers and blend. Apply Eyeshadow Pen Lime from the bottom inside eyelid to the middle of the eye and blend. Apply Automatic Pencil for Eyes K13 Espresso to accentuate the top and bottom lash line, working from the outside to the middle of the eye. Soften with the smudger. Use Round brush #13 to apply Silky Eyes Copper Rose. Feather from the outer eye to the middle of the lid where you can connect this with the Eyeshadow Pen Lime. With the same brush and some more color, shade the bottom lid up to the middle of the eye. Apply Perfect Volume Coffee mascara to the top and bottom lashes and finish with Eyelash brush #11.


A more dramatic eyebrow is the right choice for this look. With the matching shade of Tinted Eyebrow Gel, brush the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth and fill in any gaps with the same texture and a fine brush (#6 or #7).


Tender Blush Coral Blossom skaber en ungdommelig rouge. Produktet påføres på kinderne med en pensel og tones blidt ud.


With Automatic Pencil for Lips LL21 Natural Beige, draw your desired lipline and blend into the middle of the lips. Apply Cream Gloss Caramel to the entire lips, or if preferred to the middle of the lips. Apply a small amount of Liquid Lipstick Sweet Raspberry to the top and bottom middle of the lips. Blend the color out with the Lip brush #12 up to the desired lipline.


Brilliant Nail Candy completes this cheerful and fresh combination of colors.

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