Smoky Charm

Create smoky notes - with confidently emphasised eyes outlined in dark lilac. The complexion: Fresh and golden accents with dabs of champagne highlighter. Glamorously glossy lips finalise the chic evening look.


Every season, it's fun to change your own look and experiment with beauty trends. On the same note, women should occasionally try a new foundation such as the new Sun Care Foundation or Extreme Stay Foundation, depending on which coverage is desired. Exfoliate skin, apply moisture care. Apply foundation as thinly as possible and work well into the skin. Carefully blend for a very natural look. Only apply powder as needed to certain areas of the face to maintain the radiance and translucency of the skin.


Soft smoky eyes made up in delicate pastel shades look very elegant. Completely fill in the top eyelid with Magic Shadow Duo Maroon. Smudge the rest of the colour across the orbital crease up to the eyebrow. Generously contour the bottom eyelid with Magic Shadow Duo Maroon. Create highlights by applying Magic Shadow Duo Dusty Rose to the inside corner of the eye and the apex of the top eyelid. Emphasise the lash edge on the top and bottom eyelid with Pencil for Eyes Mocha Silk, and blend with the smudger. If needed, apply Eye Performer True Marble to the waterline. For an intense gaze, volumise the top lashes with Mascara Perfect Volume Brown.


Use Automatic Pencil for Brows to fill in the eyebrows against the direction of hair growth, and then brush into shape at the top and bottom and draw. Let the outer third of the eyebrows run softly outwards. Use Care & Fix Lash Conditioner to stroke the eyebrows upwards and brush stubborn hairs into the top contour. As needed, use the eyeshadow brush and very light foundation or light concealer to perfect the bottom edge of the eyebrow.


Because the eye area is very dominant, the cheeks are only subtly emphasised. Add warmth to the cheeks with Earth Glow Gel to match the skin colour. Freshen up the face with Tender Blush, e.g. Passion Rose. Apply Daily Highlighter to the back of the nose, the top of the cheekbones and lightly to the start of the eyebrows.


This look remains monochromatic, and the lip make-up is in the same colour family. The lips are given modernity with the new Sensual Lipstick Brilliant 232 Rusty Red.


The nails are dipped in a dark chocolate brown with Brilliant Nail Chocolate, which creates an exciting contrast to the rest of the make-up.

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Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"When we look at a person, the first thing we look at is their eyes, and we unconsciously focus on the eyebrows. They not only reveal our emotions, but also say a lot about our personality. Horizontal, thick, big, bold eyebrows represent power and joie de vivre and, correctly styled, make us look younger and more expressive. So pay more attention to your eyebrows in your daily make-up".