Daily Glamour

Elegance for day and night: emphasised by a contrasting eyeshadow duo in light lilac and blackberry violet, the focus is on the eyes. A naturally radiant complexion and sensuously shiny lips complete the look.


For this almond eye technique you can give the complexion a beautiful radiance. Create a fast everyday look with Extreme Stay Foundation or Sun Care Foundation.


Softly model the face with Sunsation for your skin type. Dusted on to the temples and hairline, it gives the face a radiantly soft summer tan and the eyes a more intense shine. Delicate highlights are created with the new Daily Highlighter on the centre of the forehead, top of the cheekbones and middle of the chin.


Apply base from the inside corner of the eyes to the middle of the top eyelid in the shade Magic Shadow Duo Orchid. Apply the smoky Magic Shadow Duo Blackberry to the outer corner, the lid crease and then shade towards the end of the eyebrow. In the inside corner of the eye create a highlight with Magic Shadow Mono 41 Crystal Gold. From the second third of the top lash line draw a soft line with Easy Liner Black. Emphasise the waterline on the bottom lid with Eye Performer True Marble. This makes the eyes look larger. Finally, add oomph to the top and bottom lashes with Mascara Perfect Volume Black to complete the eye make-up look.


Softly perfect the eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Brows. Shift the apex of the eyebrows a little further outwards, and elongate the ends of the eyebrows. This makes the eye area look large yet completely natural.


Many women regard the lips as a problem zone, and would like a sensuous mouth. 10 minutes before applying make-up, apply Lip Booster to the lips for more circulation and volume. Before make-up application, blot any excess. Slightly trace the edge of the lips with Lip Color Vibrant Fuchsia. Either dab on with the fingers for a natural effect, or apply perfectly with the practical stick for that ultimate glamour look. The cupid's bow remains flat, which makes the lips look even fuller and, if you like, you can create a pout and apply some lip gloss to the lips.


As a beautiful complement to this sensuous look, the nails are painted in a dark chocolate brown with Brilliant Nail Chocolate.

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Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"The Duo Magic Shadow Duo Orchid & Blackberry eyeshadow inspires you in its own way. The colour combination enables a wide range of applications for every eye shape: from smoky eye to cat eye. Be seduced. My favourite for the lips is the Lip Color Vibrant Fuchsia. It emphasises the sophistication of the eye make-up".