Tender is the Night

Seductive gazes: Lavishly outlined with an eye pencil in lightly shimmering dark green, the eye gains expression and intensity. The lips shine a fiery coral red, like the queen of the night.


This season, the eyes are beautifully colourful and expressive. A foundation such as Extreme Stay Foundation, which perfectly conceals all unevenness of the complexion and still gives the skin a natural look, is the perfect base for this elegant look. Whoever wants something sportier can use Sun Care Foundation with SPF 50.


Fascinatingly sparkling blue and green shades on the eyes create a genuine fashion statement for an eyecatchingly beautiful look.

Apply Eyeshadow Pen Icy Blue to the whole lid, and softly blend out at the edges.

Use the practical stick to draw a wider line on the bottom edge of the lashes and blend out.

Then dramatically outline the eye with the new Eye Performer True Shiny Teal Blue, and blend with the smudger to create a smoky look.

If desired, apply Pencil for Eyes Khol Silk to the inside of the eye for an intense eye look. Finally, apply a generous coat of Perfect Volume Black to the lashes.


For this glamorous summer look the eyebrows are given a slightly stronger emphasis, but their shade remains light based on the hair colour.

Use Automatic Pencil for Brows to design the eyebrows and fill in small gaps to create dramatic eyebrows.


This season, highlighting is still important, but it is more of a natural looking summery glow:

Contour the cheeks and thus the face with Sunsation Honey.

Apply Daily Highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, the back of the nose, the centre of the forehead and lightly to the chin.


For this look you can choose between Sensual Lipstick C145 Coral Red and Cream Gloss Hibiscus.

Apply the summery coral red of the new Sensual Lipstick C145 Coral Red or Cream Gloss Hibiscus to the lips. This gives the lips a sun-kissed finish.


For the nails on the hands and feet apply a cheerful summery coral pink. To give the wonderful summer colour beautiful radiance, apply two coats of Brilliant Nail Summer Pink and then allow to dry thoroughly. Finish with a coat of Brilliant Nail Top Coat to create a long-lasting finish.

1. Daily Highlighter

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Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"A wonderful look that can be easily changed from soft to dramatic. To create a delicate make-up look only softly apply eyeshadow, and leave out Pencil for Eyes. Apply the eyeshadow pencil with a little more pressure to intensify the eye make-up in the blink of an eye. The choice of lip colour also influences the intensity of the overall look: from bright red (Sensual Lipstick C145 Coral Red) to light lipgloss (Cream Gloss Hibiscus), there are many options. Give it a try, and find your very own personal look".