stands for: pure, powerful, unaffected, authentic, rough, unpretentious, real ...

Supernatural textures and timeless colors exude soothing harmony, as do the retro aspects that can be seen here and there in detail. This vibrating juxtaposition finds its tonal expression in colors that range from subdued neutrality to ultra poppy luminosity, but always remain in the natural spectrum.

Wave Delight

Cut: Wave Delight

An ultra feminine softness characterizes this character look, which is reminiscent of the unaffected glamor of an actress of the seventies. The dynamic cut emphasizes the natural wave and gently sets the hair in motion, into which the bangs flow smoothly.

Color: Sunkissed Balayage

Like a veil, subtle reflections brighten the hair color. The mousy hair look follows the codes of balayage, but relies on graduations that are barely noticeable to the naked eye. Not blonde, not brunette, just sun-drenched hair.

Tom Boy

Cut: Tom Boy

Androgynous shortness with a refined soft focus. Fine tips give the round and voluminous short haircut a texture that sometimes turns outward in expressive spikes, sometimes hugs the head tightly for a polished-perfect yet soft garconne look.

Color: United Blonde

The fascinating duality of gentle naturalness and futuristic modernity finds its color correspondence in two creamy blonde shades, whose light radiance is contrasted with a monochromatic directness. Pure blonde, completely here and now.

The Bangs

Cut: The Bangs

A heavy pony part determines the look, which is androgynous and yet feminine and playful. Unconnected, the pony contrasts with the textured shortness on the sides and neck, in order to combine organically with them in a different styling variant.

Color: Beauty Lights

The warm color palette of an unforgettable sunset inspires the copper nuances of the beauty lights that make the pony glow. Depending on the styling, they appear radiantly clear or flash up as occasional light reflections in a rich, opaque brown.


Cut: Demigod

In the round shape of the medium-length cut, the boundaries between masculine and feminine formulas are blurred. It brings the curly texture to life and gives the look an informal naturalness that is inspired by the nonconforming codes of the seventies.

The Hero

Cut: The Hero

A deep parting separates the unconnected, textured length on the top of the head from the short side section. The asymmetrical look reinterprets the classic barber cut of the forties in a contemporary way. Masculine and young at the same time, with an attractive, rebellious note.