Summer make-up

Perfect looks for summer days

Enjoy the last of summer with La Biosthétique make up. The conditioning, protective and waterproof products will accompany you throughout summer days and make you shine. Be inspired with these summer favourites.

We love summer. A radiant blue sky, fresh air and relaxed, light looks. We need products that emphasize our most beautiful features and can withstand all summer activities. Whether it be waterproof mascara or foundation that protects our skin from the sun.

Our make-up favourites for the perfect summer look:

Easily blended and creamy soft

With the luxurious, easily blended cream eyeshadow Silky Eyes you can make your eyes shine. The vibrant colours of Silky Eyes are waterproof, incredibly easy to apply and last all day long without settling into the fine lines around the eyes. Light-reflecting pigments ensure that the skin looks even and smooth.

Ultimate volume, seductive shine

Your eyes will be irresistible. Perfect Volume Waterproof provides breathtakingly long, thick and shiny lashes that will withstand a cooling swim. The selected waxes contained in the mascara provide resilience and elasticity, glycerine and lime blossom extract are protective and conditioning. As soon as you apply it, you will notice that the deep colour of Perfect Volume Waterproof surrounds even the smallest hairs without stickiness. Enjoy hours in the sun – with breathtaking eyes.

High-gloss nails

Does your skin have a soft tan? Brillant Nail nail polish in the shade Rusty Rose on your fingers and toes looks particularly good with tanned skin. It is long-lasting, features extraordinary colour brilliance and its shimmering finish makes it really eyecatching. On every single summer day.

Sweet dreams for your skin

Your make-up lasted an entire summer day. Now it’s time to treat your skin to a little break. Bi-Phase-Remover provides gentle yet thorough removal of waterproof eye make-up. The two-phase formulation removes even stubborn residue. In addition, the hydro complex provides maximum care and moisture. The mild Bi-Phase-Remover protects against dehydration, doesn’t irritate the eyes and makes sensitive skin look relaxed and fresh.

Our summer make-up products

1. Silky Eyes Soft Apricot

SKU# 016972

Quick Overview

Silky Eyes blends into the skin and gives it shimmering shiny accents.


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Delivery Time 2-5 business days

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