Soft Texture Spray

Airy Style, Relaxed Look

Conjuring up the casually trendy,  undone look in your hair has never been easier. With the flexible Soft Texture Spray, from La Biosthétique.

Our lives are full of small challenges. No two days are the same. This also applies to our look. Sometimes we have a lot of time for ourselves, other days we don't have any time to care and style our hair. That's when flexibility is needed. And that's exactly what the Soft Texture Spray gives us. It tames the hair and gives it back its shape, exactly as we want it.

Take it easy.

For years, relaxed hairstyles and undone looks have been extremely trendy. From catwalks, to influencers and the media, these understated looks have perfected the naturally comfortable hair world. The latest trend is 'tousled hair,' whereby only individual strands are placed in light, irregular waves. But as nonchalant as the undone look may seem, the look doesn't come about entirely on its own. Relaxed styles should look casual, but not careless. Individual strands or curls need to be defined in such a way that they stand out visually without looking sticky, greasy or unwashed. Straw-like frizz is a no-go, fullness is a must, as is shine, texture and grip. Last but certainly not least, texture is to be celebrated, but please keep it casual.

That's where our special multi-talent comes into action.

Depending on the dose and method of application, Soft Texture Spray adds volume, manages frizz, accentuates curls, defines strands and, above all, gives hairstyles the carefree hold that characterizes healthy, strong hair. The silicone-free spray has a new, exceptionally light formulation that can be used in a variety of ways and can bring even the smallest of hairs under control. Natural ingredients and provitamin B5 provide valuable moisture. And as if that wasn't enough, the flexible styling spray not only freshens up the hair during a quick makeover, the light, citrus scent created by Berlin perfumer, Geza Schön, has an immediate revitalizing effect.

As individual as we are: Soft Texture Spray usage and effect

Before the classic blow-dry
For better hold, greatear structure and carefree volume when blow-drying, add a few soft sprays into wet hair.

Before air-drying or blow-drying with fingers
Casualness at a touch: Soft Texture Spray sprayed into damp hair after washing creates an airy look with undone texture and flexible hold, as if tousled by the summer wind.

In curls and waves
Dreamy, weightless bounce. The Soft Texture Spray works against frizz and bundles wavy hair into flexible curls.

In dry hair
Whether at home or on the go, take Soft Texture Spray everywhere. The styling spray can also be sprayed into dry hair, for a perfect finish in between.

Discover the endless opportunities of using the Soft Styling Spray.

1. Soft Texture Spray

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Quick Overview

Push the spray button to give your hair a portion of care, weightless texture, volume and perfect, effortless undone texture. Casual understatement you can spray on, for all lengths and types.


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Delivery Time 2-5 business days

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