Protective Lipid Capsules

Valuable lipids that care and protect sensitive skin

Méthode Sensitive restores balance to sensitive skin prone to dryness. Thanks to valuable oils, the lipids cause a relaxed skin sensation and protects the skin against sensitivity, electrosmog and premature aging.

The lipid serum cares for and protects dry, sensitive skin

Lipids, the so called fatty acids, are incredibly important for healthy skin. Without them, the skin’s barrier layer becomes permeable. The skin loses moisture, dries out and is no longer sufficiently protected against the external penetration of irritating substances. The plant based lipid serum contained in Protective Lipid Capsules stabilizes and calms dry, sensitive skin and further prevents moisture loss. It strengthens the skin’s barrier layer and protects it against electrosmog triggered by electronic blue light. The skin is left feeling elastically soft, smooth and thoroughly protected.

Plant protection and a care complex rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids

Oat kernel and borage oil strengthen the skin's natural barrier and protect it from moisture loss. Rough skin becomes smooth and elastic once again. A special protective ingredient complex comprised of of sea kale, beta carotene, tocopherol, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract also protects the skin against electrosmog. This is triggered, among other things, by blue light and can disrupt cell communication. In addition, an unique complex of seed oil, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, further repairs and protects the skin leaving it feeling intensely protected and nourished.

A protective treat for dry skin

The lipid serum in Protective Lipid Capsules contains valuable skin-related fatty acids of plant origin, which intensively care for, stabilize and calm very dry and sensitive skin. A special protection complex protects against electrosmog. Among other things, this is triggered by the blue light of screens and can impair cell communication. Due to our lifestyle, our body, particularly the face, is exposed to high levels of blue light pollution daily.

The extensively protected and intensively nourished skin responds positively with a soft and comfortable skin sensation.

Discover the new Protective Lipid Capsules

1. Protective Lipid Capsules

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With its high content of fatty acids, Protective Lipid Capsules beautifully strengthens and nourishes dry skin that is stressed, sensitive and dehydrated as well as in need of protection against blue light and premature aging.

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