Being environmentally conscious is one of the founding roots of our company


As a family owned company, we believe nature and science go harmoniously hand in hand together. Since the 1940s, we have been striving to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. Although we have consistently tried to improve our carbon footprint, measuring our philosophy has been difficult to date. Nevertheless, it is our ongoing mission to protect, respect and save our nature and resources for many generations to come. With ClimatePartner, we are incredibly excited to launch our carbon neutral initiative and share this new milestone with you.


The Carbon Emergency


Our Commitment

La Biosthétique Paris has proudly teamed up with ClimatePartner to take control, action and support the health of our environment. Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the first international family owned beauty companies that is carbon neutral. From research to manufacturing, products to packaging, and from offices to academies around the world, we are actively doing our part to make a difference. Wherever possible, we have improved our energy consumptions, initiated new processes, upgraded equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to use renewable energy wherever possible as a part of our five step mission. Whatever offset we are unable to reduce, we've partnered with ClimatePartner to achieve climate neutrality through our chosen Madre de Dios Forest Protection Project initiative.

Together we'll make a difference

It’s not just about us, it’s about you too! We are supporting ClimatePartner’s initiative by encouraging our North American salon partners to become carbon neutral as well. With our sustainable actions, we are able to help positively shape the future. With each other and for each other, now and in the future, we thank you for your involvement!

What is a Carbon Offset Project?

Carbon offset projects make a decisive contribution to combating global warming by demonstrably saving greenhouse gases. These projects can take the form of forest conservation, reforestation or the development of renewable energy. In addition, carbon offset projects promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving access to clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs or preserving biodiversity.
The UN‘s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a globally recognized benchmark for measuring such positive effects. They range from fighting poverty and hunger, promoting education and creating jobs to implement clean and affordable energy. Sometimes the additional effect is so great that the core projects are actually development projects that fight global warming as a supplemental effect - and not vice versa.

Becoming Carbon Neutral with the help of ClimatePartner

Who is ClimatePartner?

Over the past 14 years, ClimatePartner has established a growing network of climate neutral companies across 35 counties - with 120 employees and over 3,000 corporate customers around the world. With a goal to correctly measure climate neutrality, ClimatePartner is actively reducing and offsetting greenhouse emissions wherever possible by providing climate neutral certification to companies and products that are measured and certified by international bodies. Climate change is humankind’s most urgent challenge, with global temperature change having already started.

Our Climate Footprint

ClimatePartner has calculated the Corporate Carbon Footprint for La Biosthetique Canada for 2020 to be 91,857.23 kg of CO2, equivalent of 285,273 km driven with a passenger car or, the yearly carbon sequestration of 7,349 beech trees. The Corporate Carbon Footprint is an important component of the climate protection strategy development. By analyzing the carbon footprint, it is possible to identify reduction potentials, develop appropriate measures and define climate protection goals.



Madre de Dios Forest Protection Project

Where there is remaining carbon that could not be reduced within our company, we are compensating these emissions by supporting the Madre de Dios forest protection project, in Peru. This project protects over 100,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest as well as supports the habitat for endangered animals and plant species. The project further supports Indigenous tribes and economic alternatives to deforestation. Madre de Dios is VCS and CCBS Gold Level certified.

ClimatePartner’s Projects

ClimatePartner’s carbon offset projects enable climate neutrality and promote sustainability goals:

  • - Climate protection projects are proven to reduce greenhouse gases, for example by reforestation.
  • - The amount of harvested wood is equally regrown.
  • - The project developer guarantees these areas are not subjected to repeat deforestation.
  • - Financial offsetting regions to protect forests.
  • - Certification in accordance to international standards (e.g. Gold Standard, VCS, etc.).
  • - Each project is audited annually by independent bodies, such as PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers).