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Our new exclusive face care highly effectively and naturally reduces the signs of skin aging.

An anti-aging phyto complex combines the powerful effect of iris root with precious white truffle. This powerful phyto package is supplemented by selected plant active ingredients and optimized by the skin-related formulations. The pampering iris scent, which pays homage to the main active ingredient, Iris Florentina, turns Belesthétique into a sensuous experience.

Three formulas combine together to form the luxurious Belesthétique skin care range.

The Cream

The Cream is the exclusive answer for the special demands of more mature skin. Specially selected plant ingredients with tested and proven efficacy as well as an anti-aging phyto complex of iris, white truffle, paracress and lupin, highly effectively and naturally support the facial skin in maintaining its timeless beauty and youthfulness. The facial contours look significantly lifted, the skin is lastingly moisturized and it's radiance restored. 

The Concentrate

The Concentrate activates and supports the skin’s own processes and naturally and visibly gives a youthful appearance. The Concentrate extends the life cycle of detoxified, thoroughly moisturized and nourished skin cells, stabilizes the connective tissue and restores the lipid balance. The skin looks smoother and firmer, with visibly reduced wrinkles and clearly defined facial contours.

The Eye Cream

The Eye Cream restores youthful radiance to the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips. An anti-aging ingredient cocktail, with iris and white truffle, works in synergy with plant extracts to combat signs of aging. They relax and define the lip line and eye contours, as well as strengthen the connective tissue and smooth wrinkles. Dark under eye shadows are reduced while wrinkles and mimic lines look visibly lifted. The completely protected, perfectly moisturized skin around the eyes and lips radiates youthful vitality.

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1. Belesthétique The Cream

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With highly effective plant ingredients and an exclusive anti-aging phyto complex with iris and white truffle, The Cream visibly lifts the facial contours and helps the skin to maintain its timeless beauty and youthfulness.


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