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Introducing La Biosthétique's Tailored Home Skin Care Sets

You've asked and we've listened! Introducing our handpicked selection of home skin care sets. With pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients, our Director of Skin Care, Anna Riese, has selected her favourite skin care products just for you. From calming and boosting your skin's defence mechanism, to hydrating and rejuvenating beautiful skin, we have created the perfect home skin care sets just for you!


Our handpicked selection to calm your skin and boost its defence mechanism. This self-care box is designed for reactive, sensitive skin. With pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients, these hand selected products will not only help to soothe sensitive skin but will also repair and strengthen the compromised barrier layer. Your skin will regain its moisture and oil content, and natural defence mechanisms will be restored.


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This self-care box is designed to intensely moisturize dehydrated skin. Suitable for any age, skin type and condition, these products are dedicated to hydrate and influence the body's ability to create and retain moisture. With approximately 80% more moisture and over 30% increase in hyaluronic production, this regime is committed to reducing the appearance of fine lines, increasing firmness, hydrating and revitalizing the complexion and soothing sensitivities, redness and itchiness.


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This self-care box is designed for skin in need of extra love and rejuvenation. The hand selected self-care has been assembled to strengthen the formation of new cells, boosting them with valuable hydration and care.

With La Biosthétique, oxygen supplies are improved as is microcirculation - making the skin glow. Wrinkles are also reduced and the skin becomes vibrantly plump and firm. To say you are left looking youthfully rejuvenated is an understatement.

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An overview of the Beauty Time Home Sets:

1. Beauty Time Home Set - Appease



Delivery Time 2-5 business days

price per 1 UNIT_SHORT_SET: $153.00 Excl. Tax, excl. shipping cost

Delivery Time 2-5 business days

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