The La Biosthétique Beauty Experts create catwalk hair and make-up for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Pulsating fashion, densely packed spectator stands and pure aesthetics in hair and make-up. For the third time in a row, La Biosthétique Paris starred as the proud Beauty Expert of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW), in Berlin. 

La Biosthétique Paris Creative Directors of hair and make-up, Alexander Dinter and Steffen Zoll respectively, collaborated together to create dreamlike hair and make-up concepts for the Fall-Winter 2019/20 collections - consisting of 300 model creations for 15 designers, in just three days! 

In addition to preparing the many catwalk models, La Biosthétique also cared for the designers' star guests, including celebrities and the biggest influencers. Supermodel Lorena Rae, actress Esther Schweins and influencers such as Alexandra Lapp, Nina Suess, Laura Noltemayer, Netti Weber and Viktoria Rader were all tailored to a taste of our Total Beauty.

Individual hair and make-up looks complete designer concepts

Trade visitors, buyers and fashion enthusiasts were dazzled by upcoming Fall / Winter fashion trend collections for designers Bogner, Amesh Wijesekera, Irene Luft, Maisonnoée Berlin, Sportalm Kitzbuhel, Ivanman, Rebekka Ruetz, Lena Hoschek, Riani, Danny Reinke, Neonyt, Richert Beil, Marc Cain and Lana Mueller.

Favourite looks from the Berlin #MBFW Fall-Winter 2019/20 Collections

Marc Cain << Meet you at the Train Station >>

The new Marc Cain chief designer, Katja Konradi, invited the world to see just how elegant and travel-capable her fashion can be. With a showroom created to portray a New York train station, numerous celebrities watched the "Meet you at the Train Station" presentation.




Models walked sporty, young feminine looks through to jogging and modern business attire as if it were day and evening dresses and elegant leisure perfectly timed for the excitement of the night. 




Hair: «Naturally Different»

La Biosthétique created hair and make-up looks for the urban bustle collection. According to Alexander Dinter, hair styling was created to reflect the diversity of the most diverse fashion styles. "It was all about the office look, street-style and beautiful evening appearances. The biggest challenge we faced was creating individual looks for each of the 43 models. Fortunately, this was achievable with our wide range of La Biosthétique products. From long hair styled with a centre parting to nicely pimped bobs and ponytails, we wanted to create neat, airy creations that represent the modern day woman."


Sportalm Kitzbühel << Frizz Curls & Fresh Coolness >>

Compliments of Sportalm Kitzbühel, the enthusiastic audience celebrated an exquisite composition of fresh, trendy and sporty fashion with wonderful, feminine hair and make-up concepts by Beauty Expert, La Biosthétique. The runway boasted an exciting mix of short down jackets, plaid trousers and colorful hoodies all finished with feminine elegance. 

Hair: «Frizzy Spirit»


The hair style was voluminous and feminine giving a "Frizzy Spirit" to athleisure style. The backstage team styled trendy curls that, thanks to their frizzy texture combined with a very smooth finish, created a fresh yet, casual look. For this, the long hair was looped on hairpins, sprayed with the heat protection Curl Protect & Style and heated with the straightener. Cooled hair was then combed from bottom to top and styled with either Light Defining Cream or Powder Spray.

Make-up: «Spice Ice Baby»



The make-up continued the sporty vibrancy of frizzy hair design. The "Spice Ice Baby" concept focused on fresh coolness. Skin was initially moistened and well groomed using La Capsule Hydratante then refined with a thin layer of Teint Frais. For a "hot flush effect" Zoll added color contrasts using cool cheeks and warm accentuated lips. Sensual Lipstick Lovely Rose was applied to the centre of the cheek and veneered to the inside of the cheek with Sensual Lipstick Coral Red. Upper and lower eyelids were highlighted with the new Eyeshadow Pen Macadamia (available from March, 2019) while the eyebrows were deliberately styled wild and bushy using brush and eye shadow combed up with Volume Brown Mascara.




Lena Hoschek << Easy Waves and Girl Power >>

Once again, Lena Hoschek show was a true MBFW crowd pleaser. The Austrian designer surprised and fascinated the crowd with her masculine "Men at work" inspired collection.




Fashionable cowboys, Clark Gable and Sherlock Holmes bonds were crafted using rugged fabrics and received a sophisticated dose of sex appeal from Hoschek's well-known hourglass silhouette.




Hair: «Easy Waves»



Models received feminine, natural-looking hairstyling as a contrast to the masculine influences of the collection. Depending on the model's hair structure, the hair was first blown with either a wrap dry technique or a round brush to achieve well-groomed "Easy Waves." The use of Volumising Lotion and Essence de Proteine created the perfect hair structure. For a rich and delicate finish, Light Defining Cream and Glossing Spray were used.



Make-up: «Girl Power»

The beautiful make-up concept by Steffen Zoll also made a perfect transition to the feminine side of fashion. With a focus on girl power, flawless femininity was to be fashionably symbolised with red lips! Though, the overall look had to captivate with elegant delicacy. Well-groomed skin got an initial dose of hydration with La Capsule Hydratante and was partially perfected with Teint Correcteur. Restraint was also required for eye make-up. Tender Blush Peach was applied from the outside of the eyelids and extensively shaded. A light touch of Magic Shadow Cappuccino reduced the heat of the hue. For fresh, happy brows and a clear view, the brows were brushed up with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner and completely dispensed with mascara. The use of the True Color Lipsticks Red, which was repeatedly dabbed and re-applied over several layers, was responsible for the sensual lips. Perfect lip contours were formed using the Automatic Pencil for Lips Red.


Danny Reinke << Casual Attitude and Demonic Angel >>

The Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Collection "Seraphic Frame" by Danny Reinke was a surprising and outstanding reinterpretation of a goddess. Danny Reinke created self-confidence and natural beauty on the catwalk with opulent tulle and brocade gowns on tweed suits and virgin wool coats, dominated by subtle shades of pale blue with white, vanilla and metallic shades such as gold and silver.

Our #MBFWBeautyExpert hair and make-up was subsequently influenced by pure elegance as well as the casual and avant-garde creations. 



Hair: «Casual Attitude»

For the "Casual Attitude" style, Alexander Dinter relied on the refinement of naturalness. Initially, Beauté Essence de Protéine was applied to the hair while hair lengths and tips were treated with Cheveux Longs Luxury Spa Oil. The hair was then brushed without a crown and then turned up in large compartments with the help of large curling irons. Soft hair movement was supported using Light Defining Cream

Make-up: «Demonic Angel»

The collection's iconic "Demonic Angel" make-up was a result of the perfect symbiosis of futuristic aspiration and sculptural tenderness. At the centre of the make-up was a metallic composition of bronze, silver and gold tones on the eye. With a damp brush, Steffen Zoll and his team initially applied Magic Shadow Crystal Gold liberally over the entire eyelid and on the lower edge of the eyelid. The eyelid centre was moistened with Glamor Kit Silver Cream and powdered with Magic Shadow Highlight. Afterwards, the "Demonic Angel" contact lenses were inserted. To intensify the centre of shading, the darkest shade of the Magic Shadow Trio Smoky Rocks was used. The eyelashes were given a metallic finish with Glamor Kit Silver Cream. For the cheeks, the centre were given Tender Blush Passion Rose for a noble accent. The lip make-up was strikingly unremarkable. After the lip colour was slightly reduced with with Teint Correcteur, a touch of Sensual Lipstick Sandy Rose was used for a soft splash of color.