A wonderfully golden shimmer on the skin, delicate shine for the eyes and contoured cheeks - elegant, subtle and summery.


Prepare the face with Botanique Balancing Cream so that the skin has sufficient moisture and a fresh radiance. To work the golden shade into the complexion, evenly and gently apply the cream of the Glamour Kit. This works particularly well in combination with the previously used moisturising cream. The tinted Earth Glow Gel matches the skin tone (here: Beige) to balance out unevenness and give the skin a firmed, finely modelled appearance. It is evenly applied to the whole face, and blended from the chin downwards to the neck. If you want additional coverage, mix Earth Glow Gel with some Teint Naturel to match the skin tone, and apply. Even out any minor irregularities with Teint Correcteur.


Prime the top lid with Magnefix, and lightly tap in with the fingers. This ensures better adhesion of the subsequent texture. Now Magic Shadow in "Crystal Gold" is applied with a soft brush or applicator sponges to the top lid, and worked in up to the eyebrows and the outer corner of the eye. Use Eyeshadow Pen in "Smokey Topaz" to draw a line along the top and bottom lashes, and softly work in with the fingers or a brush. Use Mascara Perfect Volume in "Dark Plum" to apply lashings of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. This creates a wonderful, contrasting effect between gold and dark plum, and also gives you big eyes. As needed, fill in eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Brows and brush vigorously upward. Then fix with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner.


Earth Glow Gel is also very suitable for soft contouring. Choose the shade "Ambré", and use a soft, wide brush to apply directly to the cheekbones. Use the remaining colour in the brush to create soft accents on the temples and chin, and blend them out, too. Use the tinted Sunsation powder in the darker shade "Terra" on a medium brush to give the face additional contouring just under the cheekbones. Lightly blend out in all directions.


A cooler lip color offers a beautiful contrast to the warm skin tone. Here with the Lip Color in "Raspberry Pink." Simply dabbing on the color is enough to magically give the face a hint of freshness.


To complete the elegant look, polish the nails with  Brilliant Nail in "Dusty Peach."

Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll

"For an elegantly shimmering look and a golden summer glow, prepare the face with lots of moisture. Botanique Pure Nature Balancing Cream contains aloe vera, natural oils and minerals from coral algae to thoroughly care for the skin. Because a beautiful skin is the canvas for beautiful make-up!"

Use these products to create the Golden Glow make-up look:

1. Glamour Kit Gold

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The luxurious highlighter duo creates individual and sophisticated accents and pure Hollywood glamour.

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