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Contouring Powder 02

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The contouring powder gives the appearance of firmer facial contours and rejuvenates the features.

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Round, triangular, square or oval - although every face is unique, it also has an occasional flaw. With the contouring powder trio, these can be easily concealed by shading in just three steps. The matte brown shade provides the necessary depth. Emphasis is taken away from nostrils, hairline or jawline while the slightly shimmering highlighter gives the face an enchanting glow. Cheekbones, the bridge of the nose or the middle of the forehead are given a seductive glow and celebrate the absolute focal point. The very natural blusher provides the perfect finish. It gives the face a fresh and revitalised appearance. With its ultra-fine and silky soft texture, the contouring powder very softly and lightly flatters the skin without unattractive blotchiness. The Contouring Powder is like an invisible veil on the face and magically gives you a slim appearance with firm contours. The natural mineral shine pigments develop an incredible vibrance and a natural radiance – precisely where the glow is needed. The contouring powder trio improves the texture of the skin and enhances its features - for a beautiful, fresh and youthful glow.

The contouring powder gives the appearance of firmer facial contours and rejuvenates the features.

  • Talcum – natural mineral as a powder base
  • Natural mineral shine pigment – the natural mineral pigments give the skin a delicate silky shine
  • Vitamin E acetate – helps protect the skin against the abuse of the elements

As every face shape is individual, there are just as many application techniques. Ideally, you should first find out your own face shape and then follow the step-by-step instructions. The practical guide very easily describes how you can create depth, how you can give the face a warm radiance and wonderful vibrance. With the enclosed double-sided contouring powder brush, this is very easy.

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