The Culture of Total Beauty is the care concept that envelopes everything that we do.

It stands for the perfect, individual product for each specific use - in harmony with all other products by La Biosthétique. Natural ingredients and premium quality are mandatory - both working in synergy with each other. Our Total Beauty approach is not limited to just products or services, but is a more holistic model for your experience in the salon or spa. 

The La Biosthétique full care concept is rich in the highest quality of hair, skin and beauty products. During every visit, we seek to address your individual needs gently and effectively. Our products are prescriptive and luxury, handcrafted from the purest raw ingredients and scientifically tailored to meet your individual needs. They arrive to you having been derived of the most potent, natural ingredients, relentlessly tested in our laboratories and packaged with the most meticulous care. We provide our salons and spas with unique services and treatment rituals tailored specifically for you, in an environment for you enjoy and relax within.

La Biosthétique believes beauty is a journey. Therefore, is it no wonder we have created signature treatments and rituals holistically for you.


Beauty is a journey

From the moment you step through the door, your La Biosthetique salon takes care to follow a defined set of guidelines known as the Total Beauty Ritual.



Tailored and targeted care

Aromatherapy, facials at the basin, and deep conditioning hair treatments are just some of what our salons offer their clients wishing to experience a salon with a point of difference.






A luxury offering

Within La Biosthétique salons, we are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our craft, products, atmosphere and style. We want to be the best. And this has one simple reason - you.



Tailored individually for every kind of hair. Specifically, for your hair. The new and exciting styling world of La Biosthetique not only features a versatile, precisely defined product range and specifically created scents, but also a calm design.

Base - Intended for application in damp hair after washing. 

Style - This versatile range features styling products that can be used in both damp and dry hair.

Finish - For the finishing touches. For fixing or special highlights. They are only intended for application in dry hair. 


The cell-active, anti-aging therapy for hair and scalp have been extensively dermatologically tested to create highly effective cosmetic products based on the latest biological cell research and its influence on the physiology of skin, scalp and hair roots. 


From the creamiest blondes to the most sultry brunettes La Biosthetique color stands above, delivering perfect stay-fast color alongside signature care and protection. Demand the best in color vibrancy, expect the softest, shiniest results.


La Biosthetique has complemented the Total Beauty Concept with a make-up collection that perfectly blends high quality skincare with trend driven colors. The line includes a wide range of products, textures and colors that are always based on the current fashion - fulfilling every demand the modern woman may make who wears it. 


All cell-active products by Dermosthetique contain natural powerful active ingredients which combat weaknesses and signs of aging of the skin on a cellular level. Combine health and wellness for a soothing spa feeling. Experience the enticement of silky soft skin that is as sensuous as silk and satin.


From professional color to make up, our ethos with product development is that it should be natural, not synthetic. As well, we forbid testing on animals. In a nod to our environmental consciousness, our head office is run on hydraulic energy and we have a carbon-neutral footprint throughout Europe.


In our own state-of-the-art laboratories in the foothills of the Black Forest in Germany, our team of bio-chemists and dermatologists relentlessly test each product’s performance. We release new products and formulations at a prolific rate, delivering you the most advanced research and discoveries in haircare and skincare. 


We admit to having a quality obsession. The bottle, the scent, the feel – the entire package is manufactured under our control. From renowned perfumers to award winning design, we combine all the touches for a complete sensory experience to you.