Demand the best in color vibrancy, expect the softest, shiniest results.

From the creamiest of blonds to the sauciest of reds, La Biosthetique color stands above, delivering perfect stay-fast color alongside signature care and protection. Designed by bio-chemists for hyper-vibrancy and refined by dermatologists for extreme scalp care, the La Biosthetique Tint and Tone Advanced Color System gives salon professionals the world’s first complete Color Care Ritual. Powered by aloe vera, camomile, coconut oil and Japanese berries, the eight step color care system ensures your clients’ comfort.

Unparalleled coverage

Reflective shine

Lasting color

Care and Protect

Gentle on sensitive scalps and nourishing to hair, our formulations derived by concentrated natural ingredients, give your clients irritation-free color care. Science meets nature, for the most beautiful, natural results.

Do you know what's in your color?

La Biosthetique color care is full of natural ingredients that are chosen for their bio-mimetic qualities, meaning they mimic our own bio-chemistry. Our hair and skin harmonize with natural properties in organic ingredients for healthy, nourished beauty.


Japanese Pepper Berry

Moisture binding

Aloe Vera

Shine & protection

Coconut Oil

Extreme durability & coverage

Ultra-fine, micro molecules shaped like slim pointed discs penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair and flood the hair shaft with color pigment. Due to their size and shape, these hyper-pigment molecules anchor deeply within the cortex. Their unique size and shape allow them to fill the hair shaft with high density color, giving you unparalleled coverage and durability.

Chemical treatments are now becoming gentler than ever before  

Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) is a new dimension in hair cosmetics and a real milestone in research and development by La Biosthétique. The revolutionary active ingredient complex protects, restructures and conditions the hair both inside and outside, during and after chemical treatments. The hair structure is lastingly renewed and the hair is conditioned and sealed to regain its natural beauty. 

The new formulation to combat hair breakage

Bleaches, color and perms all have one thing in common - though, to achieve lasting results, certain structures in the hair have to be broken. Bleach decomposes the natural hair color, while color deposits new pigment. Perms change the structure and shape of the hair. Even if everything runs smoothly during these treatments, despite protective and conditioning active ingredients, the hair always incurs structural damage. The network in which keratin, the hair’s most important building block, is embedded, there are often breakages which make the hair sensitive and weak.

PCC’s innovative formulations were created to avoid precisely this side effect. PCC now make the impossible possible - a concentrated, molecular protection complex fills gaps inside the hair’s network, known as sulphur bonds. The hair is cared for during the processing time of bleach, color and perms, as a result of new keratin deposits reconnecting the gaps and breaks within the hair structure.  

Without the Protection of Cheveux Complexe

· There may be broken, open sulphur bonds 
· Gaps in the hair structure due to a reduction of keratin 
· Rough and damaged hair surface

With the Protection of Cheveux Complexe

· Protection and formation of sulphur bonds
· Keratin in the hair is maintained
· The surface of the hair is regenerated and protected

The Result

· Proven to significantly reduce hair breakage
· More resistant, stable hair
· Protection and renewal of the molecular hair structure
· 20% more hair softness
· Healthier and naturally beautiful hair