A family affair and a 70 year old legacy

Since it was founded, La Biosthétique has been an owner-run company. As a family-owned company, we work together as one; crafting exclusive products tailored to our customers' individual needs, including color, styling, hair care and skin care. Our values and integrity show in everything we do. We are passionately committed to the La Biosthétique brand which is privately held and family owned and run.

La Biosthétique develops and produces highly effective cosmetics for hair and skin that are exclusively sold in international hair and beauty salons. The most important pillar of the Culture of Total Beauty is always the individual, as a customer, as a partner and as an employee. With more than 8,000 partner salon partners and 500 employees worldwide, we consistently work together as one.

Originally, Siegfried Weiser ran the company together with founder Marcel Contier. Today, after Contier's death, Siegfried Weiser runs the business together with his sons Jean - Marc and Felix at their company headquarters and home in Paris and Pforzheim, where the company's research is performed and the production is located. 

The focus on family values instead of short-term shareholder value opens up strategic horizons, as does the combination of cosmopolitan elegance of the French metropolis Paris and the quality-obsessed manufacturing culture of the traditional craftsmen's town of Pforzheim, in the Black Forest. This makes La Biosthétique international with clearly identifiable local roots at the same time. International yet, organized in a way where every aspect of the business can be run by a single family member. Meaning everybody and everything is connected as one.

When Marcel Contier invented La Biosthétique more than 70 years ago, his initial philosophy took everything into account and the original values are still upheld today. The combination of bios, meaning life and aesthetics, meaning beauty. He was a brilliant biochemist and strongly believed that natural substances make more sense than synthetic ones. A philanthropist and a humanist. Contier's philosophy "think good thoughts and live well" still guides La Biosthétique today.

Above all, Contier knew about connections. In his hair salon, he not only thought about the hairstyle, but also about the scalp. When he thought about the scalp, it came naturally to him to also think about the skin of the face and the perfect, individual care and cosmetics for every woman and every man.

It takes knowledge to recognize which product is perfect for which skin. For which customer. For every individual's wish. That is why the hairdressers who use La Biosthétique in their salons are not just the customers of La Biosthétique. They are valuable, essential La Biosthétique partners. Creating moments. Creating beauty. Because beauty is a principle that knows no fixed rules. It needs skills and passion of professionals that live for it.

Some things you can learn. Education to enable success is the purpose of the International La Biosthétique Academies, as well as in-salon trainings. Other things you have to contribute. As a person. As a partner. That is how La Biosthétique works. La Biosthétique aspires to the ultimate professionalism. And the individuality of each and everyone who accompanies La Biosthétique on the joint path to success. That is La Biosthétique's nature. That is La Biosthétique's culture.